Unique engineered solutions since 1944.

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Knowledge, expertise, good people and collaboration.

Delivering your competitive advantage through high performance products, smart systems, and custom solutions for 75 years.


65% of our business comes from modified standards and customs. Strong, engineered focused suppliers who deliver best in class solutions, backed by incredible experience at Cowper Inc.

From basic components to complex automation systems, our Automation Specialists, Engineers, Technicians and support team apply their expertise to your business to provide you with the desired results. The rapid pace of technological change creates a challenge for businesses trying to optimize production and stay competitive.

We make it easy to assess your application requirements and effective at helping you do better at what you do best. Manufacturing in Canada is constantly evolving and needs to be equipped with optimal technologies to remain competitive. We provide the tools that improve your processes.

Some of our team members
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Cowper make it easy and effective to assess your application’s requirements and provides you with Industry Expertise.


To bring world-class controls and actuation together, with world-wide support and seamless integration.